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Inkmasters Cairns Exhibition for Artists First! Caffiend Cairns

Artists First!


Fri 22nd January 2021: 7:00am
- Sun 21st February 2021: 3:00pm

Caffiend, 72 Grafton Street, Cairns QLD 4872 AU

Artists Fist! is an exhibition of work produced by ARC Disability Artists in a series of workshops at Inkmasters Print Workshop with Tutor Rose Rigley. The artists produced a prodigious amount of work and Rose commented that "...the un-restrained creativity, the open-hearted comradery and the freely collaborative connections experienced ...have been outstanding. The celebration of small successes, the enthusiastic sharing of individual accomplishments, the determined, single-mindedness in obtaining the desired outcomes and the joy in simply creating will stay with me forever... Access, participation and inclusion means that the boarder community will have the same opportunity that I have had in appreciating this...  

Thanks to our partner Arc Disability Services... and the Cairns Regional Council for having the foresight to financially support such a project. Thank you to Oxlades Cairns for the generosity of your materials contribution. Thank you to all the support workers who have shown that kindness, patience and joy are the qualities everyone should aspire to have on their resume. And lastly, thank you to the creative participants who have proven that they most definitely are all artists FIRST. "  

Caffiend Opening Hours 7am - 3pm daily - Phone 07 4051 5522

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