Northern Encounter - A Japan/Cairns connection


Wed 23rd September 2015: 10:00am
- Sat 10th October 2015: 5:00pm

Canopy Art Centre, 124 Grafton St, Cairns QLD 4870 AU

 An exhibtion of Inkmasters and printmakers from Japan, shown at Impress Studio and Gallery, Brisbane, and Canopy Art Centre Cairns.

This exhibition of original prints is a collaborative venture between Japanese printmakers (curated by Kay Watanabe) and Inkmasters Cairns Inc. artists.
Officially launched 6pm Friday 25 September by Robert Pyne, MP, State Member for Cairns, with guest speaker Kay Watanabe, Australian-Japanese artist from Brisbane.

The Japanese artist’s works were exhibited at Impress Gallery in Brisbane with the title Encounter, and the Inkmasters works showed at the same gallery as Northern Encounter  An exhibtion of Inkmasters and printmakers from Japan. Now the two groups of works come together for a new encounter with a new, local audience.

This is an opportunity for Cairns art-appreciators to see contemporary Japanese prints and their unique style, media and aesthetic. They will also see the work of local artists in an international context.

Kay Watanabe will conduct a Japanese woodblock printing and stitched book-binding workshop for Cairns-based artists on the weekend of 26-27 September.


Naotsugu Hashimoto, Yoko Hayashi, Minori Kamemoto, Noriko Karatsu, Keiichiro Mazda, Icuco Mizokami, Chiaki Ogawa, Ryuji Sugio, Eiko Uchikoba, Kay Watanabe, Gen Anderson, Paul Bong, Anna Eglitis, Margaret Genever, Ian Horn, Heather Koowootha, Glen Mackie (Kei Kalak), Laurel McKenzie, Daniel O’Shane, Magda Palmer-Cordingly, Hannah Parker, Tanya Prince, Rose Rigley, Steven Royster, Mary Ann Runciman, Sid Bruce Shortjoe, Rhonda Stevens, Sasi Victoire

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