InkMasters Print Exhibition at InkFest 18

Inkmasters Print Exhibition at InkFest 2018

$10000+ in prizes - entries close 14 May

Opening Night

Fri 27th July 2018: 6:00pm


Fri 27th July 2018: 10:00am
- Sun 19th August 2018: 2:00pm

Tanks Art Centre, 46 Collins Ave, Edge Hill QLD 4870 AU

Inkmasters Print Exhibition is an international juried exhibition. It brings together the best printmakers from our region and attracts national and international artists from around the world. The prints may be traditional, contemporary or cross-disciplinary and can be of any size or format. The launch will include a public lecture and awarding of the prizes.

Selected artists only are required to pay entry fees. A shopping cart facility will be added to the site for payment of fees (including PayPal option) after selections are notified.

The judging panel comprises are three notable and experienced judges Jenuarrie Warrie, Ron McBurnie, and Gary Shinfield.

Prizes Inkmasters Print Exhibition – Total $15000

$4,000 Dr Raya Mayo Prize for Print Making Excellence: Platinum Patron

$2500 Corsair Management Prize for Innovation in Printmaking: Gold Patron

$2000 Robert Clarke Builders Prize for Indigenous Excellence in Printmaking: Gold Patron

$2000 Anna Eglitis Prize for Emerging regional artist prize: Bronze Patron Australian Cultural Foundation Boost Grant $1,000 ($500 artist, $500 materials matched by $1000 in-kind two-week residency with InkMasters master printer)

$1000 Prize for Collaboration in Printmaking: Bronze Patron CQ University

$1000 Prize for Artist’s Book, 3D work or Novel Use of Media: Bronze Patron TPG Architects

$1000 Prize for Printmaking Merit: Bronze Patron Australian Cultural Foundation Boost Grant ($500 artist, $500 towards workshop and materials Young Printmaker (up to 24 years): or studio residency fee)

$1000 Early Career Artist: Bronze Patron R & F Steel Building
($500 artist and $500 and one-week residency)

$500 New Prints from the InkFest Workshops: Patron Anonymous $250 x 2 prizes

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