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PIP Sydney invitation

Partners In Print

A collaborative exhibition with Sydney Printmakers

Opening Night

Sat 8th July 2017: 3:00pm


Wed 5th July 2017: 10:00am
- Sun 16th July 2017: 5:00pm

Janet Clayton Gallery, 406 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021 AU

InkMasters joins with Sydney Printmakers in a selected exhibition of 50 new works from 50 artists. Using a wide variety of techniques, traditional and contemporary, the artists demonstrate the many innovative methods by which fine art prints are created. InkMasters must be one of the youngest print organizations in Australia at 5.5 years, and we are very pleased to create this exhibition with Sydney Printmakers who may be one of the oldest, having been in continuous operation since 1961. The exhibition was initiated by Sydney Printmaker Roslyn Kean, artist in residence at InkMasters InkFest 16.

The exhibition shows at KickArts from 18 Feb-18 Mar with the official launch Fri 24 Feb 6-8pm, and SPOT81 at Janet Clayton Gallery, Paddington.

Hours: Wed, Thu, Fri 10:30am to 4:30pm  - Sat 10am to 6:00pm - Sun 11am to 4pm

Sydney Printmakers: Rod Armstrong, Karen Ball, Anthea Bosenberg, Ruth Burgess, Mieke Cohen, Barbara Davidson, Olwen Evans Wilson, Angela Hayson, Roslyn Kean, Michael Kempson, Katherine Kennedy, Seraphina Martin, Bernhardine Mueller, Helen Mueller, Janet Parker Smith, Ben Rak, Marta Romer, Susan Rushforth, Anne Russell, Gary Shinfield, Anne Smith, Anne Starling, Laura Stark, Wendy Stokes, Andrew Totman

InkMasters: Blakey (Chris Morrissey), Lauren Carter, Laura Castell, Rhonda Campbell, Kerrie Cleverdon, Judith Corrighan, Anna Eglitis, Margaret Genever, Mary Haginikitas, Ian Horn, Heather Koowootha, Jo Lankester, Walter Lui, Glen Mackie, Justin Majid, Laurel McKenzie, Carolyn McKenzie-Craig, Arone Meeks, Andrea Num Glover, Daniel O’Shane, Hannah Parker,Tanya Prince, Rose Rigley, Rhonda Stevens, Sasi Victoire


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