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Prints from the Workshops InkFest 2016

An exhibition of prints from InkFest 2016 Workshops

Opening Night

Fri 29th July 2016: 8:00am


Fri 29th July 2016: 6:00pm
- Sun 21st August 2016: 5:00pm

46 Collins Ave, Edge Hill QLD 4870 AU

A total of six workshops were delivered during InkFest 2016 from March to June. Tutors were visiting artists-in-residence Roslyn Kean (Japanese Woodcut) and Jenny Kitchener (linocut), and InkMasters Paul Bong (intaglio), Hannah Parker (screenprint), Kerrie Cleverdon (mezzotint) and Yvonne Hering (Japanese woodcut). All participants in workshops are eligible to show in this exhibition. The artists are local artists from beginners to professional, learning new skills or extending their professional repertoire. The result is a tour de force of local talent.

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