Thinking of Place

Thinking of Place is a collaborative print project between Inkmasters and printmaking groups in Christchurch and Auckland in New Zealand and Goldfields/Melbourne in Victoria.

Opening Night

Mon 8th June 2015: 8:00am


Mon 8th June 2015: 10:00am
- Sat 21st May 2016: 5:00pm

Kickarts Feature Wall KickArts, Cairns (stage 1) 8 Jun-18 Jul 15, Eastside Gallery, Linwood, Christchurch, NZ - 29 Jun-18 Jul 15, The Depot Artspace, Devonport, Auckland, NZ 28 Aug-16 Sep 15, Feature Wall, KickArts, Cairns (stage 2) 11 Jan-20 Feb 16, Post Office Gallery, Federation University, Ballarat, 6 Apr-21 May 1

Artists works explored a range of concepts of land, country, the environment, colonisation, ancestral connections, and identity in association with geography or imagined locations.


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