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Inkmasters Cairns Vie du Pacifique

Vie du Pacifique III


Sun 1st August 2021: 10:00am
- Tue 31st August 2021: 5:30pm

Vie du Pacifique III is an exchange exhibition between printmaking studios of the Pacific Region initiated by Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura of Migaloo Press, Brisbane.

Vie du Pacifique III is a follow up exchange to Vie du Pacifique/Pacific Life in 2011-14 and Vie Du Pacifique II, 2016-18. Migaloo Press will host the Vie du Pacifique III exhibition at a Brisbane Gallery in 2021 with a view to touring the exhibition in the Regional Gallery system as with the previous two iterations of Vie du Pacifique and it is anticipated that it will go into the collection of Gladstone Regional Art Gallery alongside their collection of the previous two folios. 
The exhibition includes artists from a number of print studios, including Inkmasters, in 6 countries from in and around the Pacific Ocean - Australia, Phillipines, USA, Fiji, New Zealand, and Honolulu. 

Dates and times of exhibitions to be confirmed.

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