Inkmasters Print Workshop, 55 Greenslopes Street Cairns

How to book InkMasters Print Workshop and #55 Art Space

#55 ArtSpace, a community art centre, and InkMasters Print Workshop (IPW) 55 Greenslopes St Edge Hill, Cairns.

#55 ArtSpace provides access for individual artists and groups for art-making of all kinds and all ages, members and non-members.

Inkmasters Print Workshop (IPW), is located in the centre and is available for printmaking workshops, master classes, individual artist access and other print related events and activities. There is ample capacity for printing with 7 presses and associated equipment : etching, lithographic and a book press.

#55 ArtSpace is available for non-print workshops, meetings, seminars and other events and activities. 

HOW TO BOOK See Table of fees and how to book the facility in the PDF forms below. Email the booking request form to or use the contact form if you require further information about bookings or any other topic.

DROP-IN to say hello and have a look at the workshop on Saturday mornings from 9-12 am.

HOW TO PAY: When your booking is confirmed please pay by Direct debit Inkmasters Cairns Inc - St George Bank - BSB 114879 -  A/c 474243442. Reference: Please use your name and ACCESS e.g. JONESACCESS
Or: pay Cash or cheque at the bank and email   to advise details including your reference number.

To make a booking to participate in a tutored printmaking workshop, please go to the Workshops page.