Inkmasters international biennial exhibition 2018

Inkfest 2018 - A Biennial Festival of all things Print

Inkfest is an innovative addition to Cairns cultural calendar showcasing the fascinating and diverse artform of printmaking in a wide range of activities and community events.

InkFest is unique to city of Cairns - a centre of printmaking excellence. Held at the best time of the year in tropical north Queensland, it comprises many inter-related printmaking activities for artists of all cultural backgrounds and levels. These include indigenous, emerging and established artists, as well as school children who participate in the mega community engagement event - the BIG PRINT. 

The principal event is the international juried Inkmasters Print Exhibition at Tanks Arts Centre 27 July -19 August 18 with prize money of $15000 - it is a tour de force of works of print media artists from local to international. The launch commenced with a public talk by Simon Wright of AQGOMA. Shown adjacent to the major exhibition are New prints from the InkFest Workshops and prints by Artist in Residence Gary Shinfield. Prominent InkMasters have delivered 4 workshops  and Big Print T shirts were created at Tanks Market Day, while at CIAF Heather Koowootha and Tommy Pau delivered Mini Lino Workshop.

The outstanding community event of InkFest is the BIG PRINT.  Prior to print day on 29 July, Tanks Market Day, InkMasters conducted workshops in Cairns primary and secondary schools and Girringun, Yarrabah, and Wujal Wujal communities The blocks were printed all at once in a long line c. 20 x 1 metres, with a big team of volunteer printmakers, friends and the audience. Printdancing produced the 2018 BIG PRINT and what a lort of fun it was! The Cairns Pan Stars Steel Orchestra Band provided great music. The BIG PRINT shows at Cell Art Space Gallery, 1-30 August, 109 Lake St and later travels to schools and communities.

Wherever you are in the world, please come and join us for InkFest 2020 – there will be something in the festival for everyone!

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