Inkmasters Print Workshop

IPW Opens I July


IPW opened on 1 July.


The worshop is open for inducted professional members who can work in the studio without assistance (also includes artists-in-residence) and also for Supervised Access. Prior Bookings are essential. The Life Drawing Workshop has recommenced on Tuesday nights (details in workshops).

We plan to present a new workshop program for the remainder of the year in the near future. Some of the workshops previously advertised (but cancelled when the Covid shutdown occurred) can be offered, but others might be difficult with distancing requirements, so we are reviewing this at the moment. If you have skills that you would like to share in a weekend workshop or a series of classes (evening or weekend), and can plan a way to do this with a small group and 1.5m spacing, please get in touch with a proposal and we will help you cost the workshop/class and start promoting it.