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Inkmasters Print Workshop new shed

Our beautiful new shed


Thanks so much to the Cairns Regional Council for sponsoring our new shed. It is just finished and the floor sealed by our expert floorist Gary Wilson. Now it is up it will be christened by the "Printing the Forest" community event for Carnival  on Collins on 1 Sep. But we will do it again at a formal launch soon. Can't get enough Shed!!

The screen print and lithograph equipment is in the process of being moved in and set up ready for two upcoming workshops in those methods. The new space allows more efficient, safe and comfortable working conditions as well as providing safe storage for the silk screens and lithograph stones. Until now they have cluttered the workspace and placed limitations on the operation of all processes taking place. The new shed will allow more than one workshop or event by Inkmasters or other groups in the community who hire either the new or the original building, to run effectively and simultaneously. The additional space will be particularly valuable for local and visiting artists-in-residence who will now have the space they need to complete their projects and allow them to embark on more ambitious ones whether working in the new or the original buildling.

We thank everyone at R&F Steel builders who have done a super job and were so helpful throughout the entire project.

InkMasters Cairns new shed
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