Paper Contemporary Sydney 12-15 Sep | InkMasters Cairns Inc.
Inkmasters Cairns artist Hannah Parker exhibits at Sydney Contemporary

Paper Contemporary Sydney 12-15 Sep


Inkmasters invited members and other groups to participate in Sydney Contemporary under the name of the Far North Queensland Artists Group. It comprises Inkmasters Cairns, Editions Tremblay, Pormpuraaw Arts Centre, and Chris Morrissey, Hannah Parker and Lauren Jaye Carter exhibiting as independent artists. If you are in Sydney drop in and say hello!

Inkmaster artists exhibiting as a group are:

Beverly Holroyd

Black Frank

Christine Yatumba

Daniel O'Shane

Denis Nona

Elliott Koonutta

Glen Mackie

Hannah Parker

Heather Koowootha 

Jillian Holroyd

Kim Norman

Lauren Jaye Carter

Margaret Genever

Michael Norman

Mylene Holyroyd

Sid Bruce Shortjoe