Print Day in May is on! | InkMasters Cairns Inc.

Print Day in May is on!


Print at home - show online!

InkMasters Cairns has entered into the spirit of Print Day in May for the past 2 years.

We have thrown open the doors of the workshop and invited people (including those who might never have made an original print before) to come and create something with us.

This year, with the COVID19 pandemic forcing physical distancing and the closure of cultural facilities, printmakers are faced with the challenge of making-do without access to the usual equipment. But challenges also present great opportunities for experimentation, innovation and problem solving.

We invite anyone to improvise and make prints with whatever materials and tools come to hand at home. Please click on this link for full details.

Get creative and send us pictures of your results; we will post on our own website and social media, and share them with the world-wide printmaking community.
Please send pictures, selfies of you at work and your results, before 2 May to