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Pushing Boundaries - Supporting JUTE Theatre - Company Crowd Funding


InkMaster Sasi Victoire and Jute Theatre Company seek your support
hrough Crowd Funding. GiveNow - Pushing Boundaries!!

Sasi says "With the support of JUTE Theatre Company I have created a story of hope which straddles both Asian and Australian cultures.  Using the narrative of a young Asian girl arriving in Australia in the 1970’s this work questions and critiques her continuing journey for female identity across cultures and covertly raises human rights issues like migration, settlement, difference, discrimination and women's rights to create awareness. These issues are used in my writing and used to push the boundaries of visual art into theatre.

This international work will be performed at Damansara Performing Centre, Kuala Lumpur in September 2019 and at the Centre of Contemporary Arts in October 2019. Under Melbourne Director, Dr Chandrabanu Haroon; well-known actors from Malaysia, Sukania Venugopal, Sabera Shaik, Phraveen Arikiah and from Cairns actor/singer/songwriter Roz Pappalardo, Visual Designer Dave Masters, Sound Designer Tristan Barton and Set Designers Simone Tesorieri and Simona Cosentini will bring my story to life on the stage". 

Here is more information about Sasi's project - Alice in the Antipathies

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