Supervised studio access day | InkMasters Cairns Inc.
Inkmasters Print Workshop, 55 Greenslopes Street Cairns

Supervised studio access day

The studio is open for a supervised access day for inducted artists with some experience 10-4pm. 1 day $50; 4 days $160

Work on your own project in the company of other artists.This is not a tutored workshop - a technician is on hand should you require assistance from time to time.

Artists supply their own materials except for supplies listed below, and sign the waiver form. Valid for 12 months.

It is not a drop-in workshop.

You must be conversant with the rules, procedures, safety and security requirements in the Print Workshop User Guide. 

Contact us for more info and to arrange dates.

Bring your own materials except for except for the following which the studio supplies:



Cleaning solvents (non-toxic)

Scrapers & palette knives

Some rollers

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