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Learn to Draw

Learn the Basics - 8 week course


Thu 26th May 2022: 6:00pm
- Thu 14th July 2022: 8:30pm


Sue Schreiber

Inkmasters Print Workshop, 55 Greenslopes St, Edge Hill QLD 4870 AU


In this class you will learn drawing from the basics:

  • How to draw so that your objects appear 3 dimensional
  • Perspective
  • How to use tones and hues to create depth
  • Understand how shapes are put together and how to create more complex shapes
  • How to draw ellipses, circles, boxes

We will start with charcoal which is the best medium for learning as it allows you to make lots of adjustments as you draw and it is very easy to build solid planes and shapes.


Sue Schreiber from Sue Creates Art is back in Cairns to teach after a very successful run of classes last year and she is looking forward to helping you to take your skills to the next level. Sue has been teachng for over 35 yeats and will be sharing all her drawing knowledge with you. 

What to Bring

Drawing paper suitable for charcoal, Cartridge paper, Willow charcoal, Compressed charcoal, White chalk, Paper towel, Kneadable rubber

Price $264.00

Booking essential

Call Sue 0438 139 045 to book and pay or further inquiries

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