Print day in May 2018 at Inkmasters Print Workshop Cairns

PRINT DAY IN MAY 2019 - Workshops

Join Printmakers around the world in May


Sat 11th May 2019
9:30am - 3:30pm




InkMaster Printers

55 Greenslopes St, Edge Hill QLD 4870 AU

Print Day in May celebrates the art and community of printmakers. It’s a day to get together in studios across the world to make prints.

Each year participation grows; we have had people from Australia, Argentina, France, Mexico, and of course, the United States of America. Printmakers have opened their studios to friends, used their cars as presses, made prints on the beach all to spread the joy of printmaking.

Last year  InkMasters joined in and let's make this a successful print day as well.

Experienced printers will be there to help beginners.

About the workshop:

  1. We’ll be printing!! Create a new vinylcut or drypoint with carborundum - maximum A4.
  2. If you have previously been inducted - start straight away If not you will be certified to use the workshop without supervision through an induction process. This means being introduced to the studio and its equipment and how to use it. Induction is a workplace health and safety requirement for individual use of the workshop and equipment. Individual access is available to professionals i.e. printmakers who can show prior qualifications/experience, OR printmakers who have attended a minimum 2-day workshop and induction, OR an introduction/induction day like this one.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL - Places are limited to 15 so RSVP ASP!!

Time: 9.30am – 3.30pm

What to bring:
1. Apron, wear closed in shoes, notebook and pencil
2. Design for vinyl block if required
3. Lunch/snacks to share if you wish

What is provided:
1. Senior printmakers to assist with printing and provide induction  
2. Materials and sundries
3. Workshop Manual for each artist for future reference for individual workshop access
4. Tea and coffee  


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